Please help us continue to offer the best possible lesson experience!


Lessons are booked without contracts or extended obligation. We love that we are different in this aspect as most studios require lots of fees, make up lesson requirements and per month or semester payments. We embrace flexibility! In exchange for this flexibility, we ask:

Lessons are requested to be paid the day of the lesson. We use Square Appointments. This system is transactional. The system has the ability to invoice in the occasional event that an invoice is necessary; however, it is not designed for a revolving balance. Please honor our request to have a card on file, Venmo, Cash or Check the day of the lesson. If you have not taken care of the lesson the day of; you will receive an invoice after 9 PM that day.

We want to be mindful of any financial crises. Please communicate any needs and we will do our best to find a way to serve your student.

“No-Show” lessons

If you do not contact us about a lesson you confirmed; you will be expected to pay a $15 charge before you can book another lesson or resume the next scheduled lesson. This will help the studio pay for a portion of the instructor’s time.


Please stay home if the student is sick (runny nose, coughing, fever, or has had a stomach virus in the previous 48 hours). Please reschedule if you have COVID, Flu or the stomach virus in your home. We ask that you give us as much notice as possible, yet we understand sometimes sicknesses do not give us advance notice. Let’s work together to keep everyone healthy!

Entering and Exiting

Please arrive 3-5 minutes before your scheduled lesson or class. Students are expected to enter quietly, wash hands and be seated. Piano students may sit quietly at an electric keyboard and use headphones to begin work. Other students may quietly unpack and be ready for their lesson.

Please pick up your student on time unless we make prior arrangements. For classes or semi-private lesson blocks we will no longer be able to accommodate guests. Our space is limited so please honor this as best you can.

Again, restroom is available if needed.

For private lessons, families may come in and go to a predetermined area in the studio. Siblings under 10 who are not enrolled at Sing & Play need to be accompanied by ONE adult. We provide music themed activities and coloring sheets in the back area to help facilitate waiting siblings. Waiting siblings who are enrolled at Sing & Play will be expected to be practicing at a keyboard station, working on their music theory or quietly reading or doing homework in a designated area. If you have childcare needs during private lessons, please inquire and the studio may be able to accommodate your needs with one of our teaching assistants.

PLEASE do not invite other adults ESPECIALLY adults not affiliated with our studio. Yes. This happens and presents a safety issue for our students. Please, one adult per family as our space is small.

We want to be a welcoming community to school-aged children. Therefore, if you have visiting children on a day of a lesson and need us to do a group-themed activity please let us know a few hours in advance. We can usually accommodate and switch to a group activity. However, this needs to be pre-planned and approved by Heather Van Wieren. Cost for extra children not enrolled at our studio but who arrive and need attention will be $10 per child per half hour in addition to your scheduled lesson charges.

Again, please be mindful that although your children may be comfortable with your presence, other children (or adult students) may not wish to share their music lessons with others. Let’s work together so that everyone can have the best possible experience at our studio.

Teacher Consultations

We welcome the opportunity to receive your questions and feedback. Most days, lessons and classes are booked back-to-back. If you’d like more than a minute or two of conversation with your instructor; please have these conversations during YOUR scheduled lesson or simply request a phone meeting or follow up. We are here to serve you and we strive to be great communicators! However, it’s not acceptable for teachers and parents to talk extensively into a waiting student’s time. Heather Van Wieren’s mobile is 864-940-3620. Please text any concerns or communication needs. She can receive texts but rarely receive phone calls as she gives the student in front of her the attention they deserve.


A great rule of thumb for using any space is to “Leave it better than you find it”. Please if you have refreshments, clean up. Trash or recycling bins are available. Clorox wipes and paper towels are in abundance – please feel free to use! Please do not consume food at instrument stations! Only water bottles are permissible at instrument stations. Candy or special treats need to be consumed as you leave and please dispose of wrappers.

Helpful Devices

Studying music is easier today than ever before! We have so many wonderful tools. Music is a multi-sensory experience. It is helpful to have a tablet (preferably iPad), iPhone or another device for recording portions of the lesson, looking at digital music or using the apps we recommend to supplement lessons.

Students with an iPad are the best equipped to receive the full experience of everything we offer. We can print supplemental materials and use books. (We love books and pencils!) However especially for younger students or beginners, it’s so helpful to have a way to listen to their music and experience interactive sheet music. After all, music is for listening!

For voice students, having an electronic recording device is not optional. Please see your instructor for more ideas. Sharing a phone with a parent is not the best solution as it is a hurdle to find time for sharing and can become an obstacle for practice. Of course, this is a viable solution if the parent is willing to share daily practice time with the student.

Devices and materials list:
SproutbeatMusic Theory and Ear training for ALL studentsAccessible on any device (phone not recommended) that has internet capability. Paid for by the studio.
Piano MaestroSight reading, Digital Method book access, play along experienceiPad only via paid membership by the studio
Supersonics PlusDigital Books, Digital sheets, interactive scores, play along metronome, ear training and music theoryiPad app or internet access from any computer or tablet. Membership paid by the studio.
Simply Piano and Simply GuitarFun reading and self guided practice tool using popular music for fundamentals.In studio subscription only – available during times at the studio.
Please message Heather Van Wieren for your student’s log in information and guidance using the above resources.