Private Lessons

Private Lessons are offered in the following disciplines:

  • Voice, Piano, Guitar (Acoustic, Classical, Electric)
  • Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Baritone Ukulele (Baritone is a great pathway to guitar)
  • Mandolin & Banjo
  • Suzuki Method: Violin, Viola, Cello, Classical Guitar (can use Baritone Ukulele)
private lesson pricing
30 min$35
45 min$53
1 hour$70

Semi-Private Piano Lessons with Small Group experience

Semi-Private lessons include 2-3 students rotating stations between:

  • 15-20 Minute private lesson with the lead teacher
  • 20 minutes music theory with teacher assistant or self-guided on Ipad/computer
  • 20 minutes rotating: ensemble play, guided practice, sight-reading
  • These students are thoughtfully chosen to work together and groups may be changed as needed to accommodate the best learning environment.

Semi-private is offered in a one hour all-inclusive session.

semi-private lesson pricing
1 hour, 3–student minimum$35/student
1 hour, 2–student minimum$50/student

Small Groups/Ensembles

Small groups are our most fun and affordable option for music learning and participation.

  • Small groups for summer: (minimum 4 students; maximum of 6)
small group lesson pricing
45 min. class time$25 per class

Summer Small Groups & Ensembles offered:

(class times will be confirmed when a minimum of 4 students have registered))

  • Piano Class 1 for kids – Fun piano class learning to read music and play with others
  • Piano Class 1 for teens – POP Piano School – learning to play popular music
  • Piano Class 1 for adults – Nashville numbering system based for learning lead sheets
  • Piano Class 2 for teens – For teens who have previous piano experience
  • Ukulele Class 1 for kids – Fun ukulele class learning the VERY BASICS of the instrument
  • Ukulele Class 2 for kids – Fun ukulele class continuing note reading & strumming together
  • Ukulele Class 2 for teens – Fun ukulele class for note readers; strumming together in multiple genres; some playing melodies, others strumming along.
  • Guitar Class 1 for kids- Beginner guitar method for the earliest beginner
  • Guitar Class 1 for teens – Beginner guitar method for teens with no guitar experience
  • Voice Class for kids and teens (separate sessions) – Warm up together & learn basic principles of singing (sight singing, ensemble singing, solo work)
  • Voice Class for Teens – Warm up together & study the basic principles of singing (sight singing, ensemble singing including harmony, solo work)
  • Ready to Rock Class – For older students who have been taking lessons with us. This class will be a fun collaborative effort to learn a new song on different instruments and “jam” together on country, pop and rock (popular music) tunes.
  • Sing-A-Long for late preschool and early elementary:  This is a fun filled 45 minutes of singing for our youngest singers! Singers will enjoy popular tunes from well-known publishers like Disney and learn folk tunes that have been enjoyed by cultures for hundreds of years. Our youngest music students will learn rhythms, use percussion instruments, and have a general yet memorable music experience. Students will learn about music from different cultures, how to identify instruments, appreciation for various genres, and the occasional karaoke solo break-out complete with video and microphones!

Important notes about group and semi-private lessons:

Our space is designed to be fun yet is often limiting as we have one large room with no separation of space. Because of this, we ask that all students participating in groups or semi-private lessons be dropped off at the door and picked up. Please, no waiting parents or siblings. (of course you may use the restroom if needed). Please recognize that although your student may not mind your presence; another student may be distracted or intimidated by the presence of other adults or. siblings.