What makes Sing & Play Upstate different?

Interest-led learning
Our studio strives to be student-led. Music should be an equal exchange enjoyed by everyone involved. We celebrate curiosity, enthusiasm, and imagination by allowing students to take an active role in the direction of their lessons. Students often decide what they get to play without necessarily determining what concepts are taught.

Studio-paid membership to SPROUTBEAT
This is the best online music theory program available. Sproutbeat can be accessed from any device that has internet connection. It is best used with a laptop, desktop or tablet device. (Does not work well on a phone).

Studio-paid member access to PIANO MAESTRO
This is one of the most engaging apps for all levels of piano and general keyboarding study. Unfortunately, this requires an iPad – if your student does not have access to an ipad at home; they will have use of ours during their semi-private and private lessons as well as occasional use in our class piano sessions.

an extensive library of books and songs with online and printable learning tools for every level of piano. Students have access on any mobile or desktop device to digital music, books and play along features via multi-media. All access – paid for by Sing & Play.

Snack Bar and Bottled waters
As educators and parents, we know that a hungry or thirsty student is not at their best learning potential. Many times, students come to us and have skipped a meal or have had a lack of hydration during the school day or busy sports and hobby schedules have left them tired and cranky! We provide bottled water and snacks to our students for a quick refreshment when needed.

Access to our iPad with a paid membership to Simply Piano & Simply Guitar
a great app for playing along with popular songs – a self-guided tool for learning.

Opportunity to explore
Access to a wide variety of instruments on site for exploration

Opportunities to work with other young musicians: Lifetime friendships have been cultivated by playing and singing together!

Well educated teachers with a laid-back style
Our educators have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in music from various Colleges and Universities. Although we are all trained in a specific discipline, we have assembled a group with a variety of musical talents and experiences. The owner strives to offer all this excellence packaged in a laid-back and approachable style; thus, creating an atmosphere of making music for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Team teaching
Classes and semi-private lessons often include two lead teachers or a lead teacher and a teaching assistant. Our hope is that this guidance will increase the enjoyment of the learning experience and tap into the wide variety of skills our teachers have to share.

Digital Music Sheets
Parents are not charged for most of the digital music used in lessons or requested by students. • Books: We have a retail license for Hal Leonard books. We offer books at discounted rates and have many method books on site for immediate purchase.

Kala Ukuleles, Guitars and Accessories
We have a small retail assortment for Kala products. Students may receive discounts and use our instruments while deciding on what instrument is best for purchase.

Our location is convenient to most of the Anderson area. Our storefront and parking allow easy drop off and pick up for our busy parents.

Opportunities to share
We help our students who wish to perform find avenues to share their talents. Whether it’s prepping for music in a religious setting, competition readiness, or providing performance opportunities – our students regularly perform in our community.